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CranioSacral Therapy Testimonial

I came to receive CranioSacral Therapy from Ian after a car accident caused a flare-up my PTSD. The journey from there to here has been remarkable in its subtlety and profundity. From feeling scattered and out of body I have begun, layer by layer to knit together and reconstruct a more whole and lived-in personhood.  I leave my sessions feeling like I have expanded and relaxed in ways often surprising and always enriched and supported.  Ian is an unusually sensitive and skillful practitioner. He is a gift to anyone who find their way to him. 


Rachel is professional, personable, understanding, and thorough in the care she provides me. I've had various sports injuries and her CranioSacral therapy (CST) treatments have been instrumental in my healing process, and in helping bring balance to my entire being. 


I recently broke my arm and received a couple of CST treatments from Rachel. Before she began working on my arm, I had limited range of motion from the pain, swelling, and stiffness. After the CST treatment, I had less pain, and gained significant more movement in my arm.


I am grateful for Rachel and highly recommend her. She is an excellent healer.


--Marybeth, Harrisburg, PA

Thank you so much Rachel. I have been to others before, but their results do not compare to yours. I am a psychic medium but due to excessive tooth grinding, I seem to get blocked more and more as time goes on, between sessions. Neck pain, face pain, head pain, back pain. After my last session with you...*Boom* Connection was wide open and I was realigned again. :-)

--Krystal Schware

Massage Therapy Testimonial


Great massages and very relaxing environment

--Sarah Dryden

I've been getting massages for over 30 years and have had a wide variety of massage therapists in that time. Ian is in a class by himself. His movements are very fluid and supple, the pressure is perfect (he'll adjust to whatever firmness level is comfortable), and his knowledge of the body is extensive. He always asks if there's anything going on physically prior to the session, and will tailor the massage accordingly. I always leave feeling totally relaxed (think Gumby), my problem areas feel great, and I feel incredible. I can't speak highly enough about Ian. He really is an amazing therapist.

--Karen Monastra, Media PA

Rachel is a serious and professional massage therapist. I've been a client for about 3 years. She is an important part of my holistic health goals.

--Tracey Hanwell

Infant CranioSacral Therapy Testimonial


My second son was born with significant lip and tongue ties that were preventing him from being able to eat effectively- he was a messy eater at breast, made a pronounced clicking sound, and was generally refusing all bottles.  Following the advice of our lactation consultant, we had our son’s lip and tongue surgically corrected.  Sadly, though the lip tie was fixed, the tongue tie was an incomplete revision.  Gavin’s eating abilities were not improving, and an expert second opinion did not want to operate again without us attempting additional therapies.

Some research lead us to The Roots of Health and Rachel.  I will not hesitate to say that my last six weeks of maternity leave were likely the most difficult of my life.  I cried in Rachel’s office on more than one occasion.  Here I had a healthy baby who just couldn’t figure out how to eat right. It was a ticking clock: would he learn to eat before my milk supply down regulated and potentially dried up?  Would he figure out bottles before I went to work? As much as wanting to continue to breast feed was important to me, the additional stressor of returning to work with an infant who was unable or unwilling to bottle feed was even more difficult.  After just a few sessions with Rachel, Gavin’s ability to transfer milk improved.  He stopped leaking milk while feeding, and, within two months, he no longer makes the clicking sound.  

Rachel was gracious and patient with my anxious, exhausted, desperate self who didn’t know how she was going feed her baby.  She was loving with our son and clearly rejoiced in him as the beautiful child he is, all the while healing him with her hands.

If I had it to do over, I would start with Rachel before pursuing surgery.  My son still has a tongue tie and now is not only able bottle feed, but also can effectively (if not perfectly) transfer milk.  This is a testament to her abilities.  To no longer worry about if my son will be able to eat is such a blessing.  Many thanks to Rachel for her excellent care of our son.

--Meghan Turjanica

Chair Massage Testimonial


"Rachel and Ian have both visited our college campus and done AMAZING massage work for our students, faculty, and staff. Every single person left the chair feeling relaxed and wanting more. The days that chair massages are offered are some of the most highly anticipated days on campus! Not only are they flexible in scheduling appointments, but they take each individual client’s request into account as well. I am so thankful to bring their massage services to our campus, especially at such an affordable price! They are a couple of the best massage therapists in town for sure."


--Megan Cline, LSW
   Central Penn College

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