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Lady is a certified Therapy Dog who works exclusively with Rachel and is included in the therapeutic setting. Lady is a spayed, fully vaccinated female Setter mix. She goes to the veterinarian yearly for all appropriate tests and/or treatments, and has been trained through positive based reinforcement methods.

Lady is sweet, gentle and clam.  She has beautiful, soft, dense, white fur that is a pleasure to feel.  Lady loves to greet you when you respond to her with smiles and petting, and she may even give you a kiss back.  Her favorite thing in the world is belly rubs!  And once you start rubbing her belly, it is very hard to stop!

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

Animal-Assisted Therapy (ATT) is a type of therapy that incorporates human-animal interactions into a therapeutic treatment process.  It is considered an adjunct to existing therapy, and is led by Rachel Benbow, CST-T, LMT, a licensed health professional who has training in AAT. AAT is incorporated as an adjunct part of therapy sessions by using the human-animal bond to reduce stress/anxiety and enhance positive emotional responses.


Benefits of AAT:

  • Emotion recognition/regulation

  • Reduction of anxiety/stress

  • Decrease depression

  • Ability to address grief/loss issues

  • Reduction of blood pressure

  • Self-esteem enhancement

  • Improve emotional and behavioral problems

  • Improved socialization

  • Improve ability to trust

Rules Related to AAT:

  • Lady has individual rights, just as each client does. Therefore, Lady is allowed to determine if and when she interacts with clients. While it may be planned to have Lady interact with you, she will never be forced to do so.

  • Lady has her own quiet space in the office where she can rest, sleep, or just take a quiet break. She should not be disturbed when she is in this area.

  • Lady is always to be treated gently. She should never be hit, have her ears pulled, carried or treated in any other way that is uncomfortable to her.  In the event such behaviors exist, the dog will be removed immediately to a safe area, and future sessions with the client will be evaluated for the safety and effectiveness of ATT for the client. Rachel Benbow retains the right to terminate a session if behavior toward Lady remains inappropriate even after Lady is removed to a safe space.

  • Lady will always need her handler present in any therapeutic situation, and the dog will never be left alone with the client during a therapy session.  Rachel Benbow, will make every effort to monitor the dogs behavior during a therapy session.

  • If Lady becomes irritated, scared, or acts in a negative manner, the handler will put the animal in a safe place. No other person should touch the animal at these times.

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AAT Safety

As Lady is a valuable part of our therapy team, we hope that you are comfortable with her presence in our office and in your sessions with Rachel. Rachel's treatment sessions always include AAT with Lady.  If you would like a session without Lady being present, Rachel's partner Ian is available to work with you. Because Lady is an animal, we are responsible for her welfare. Also, because she is an animal, her behavior cannot always be predictable even though she is usually a calm and gentle dog. Therefore, it is important to discuss the rules needed to insure your safety and health, as well as Lady’s safety and health. We want to create as safe a working situation as possible, and to provide you with diligent warning about the potential harm that can be present when working with animals.  Please view our Animal Assisted Therapy Consent and Release of Liability Form PDF for more information.

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Lady snuggling in with a

Gokhale Method student learning stretchlying on her side.

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