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DIY Healthy Foaming Hand Soap

Tired of soap that is harsh on your skin? Tired of buying bottle after bottle--wasting your money and creating more and more trash? The answer is SOOO simple. "Make" your own natural foaming hand soap.

All you need is:

--1 foaming soap dispenser (you can easily buy these, or, even better, just reuse an empty one)

--Liquid castile hand soap like Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap. This soap comes in a variety of scents (peppermint, lavender, almond, non-scented, etc.), and can be purchased in large bottles (up to a gallon).



Fill the foaming hand soap dispenser about 1/3 full of the liquid castile hand soap. Fill the other 2/3 with water. Make sure to leave some space at the top, and screw the hand pump back into the bottle. Shake it up a little to mix it. Enjoy washing your hands!

I have been using this formula for years now without needing to replace any of my dispenser bottles. I buy my liquid castile soap in large bottles, and they last me a VERY LONG time (a year or more)--and I do a LOT of hand washing! I even use this to wash my dishes some times. The scent is light, and does not overwhelm you or hang on your skin like most store bought hand soaps. I have even provided my daughter with these bottles at her school because the school hand soap dries out and cracks her skin.

Please note that the tip of the pump can get a build up of dry soap. Simply use a pointed object, like a tooth pick or a fork prong, to scrape off the build up.

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